#AboutLastNight: Clippers vs Rockets Beef Brings Twitter Comedy

#AboutLastNight: Clippers vs Rockets Beef Brings Twitter Comedy

The NBA is like a classic sitcom that develops twists and turns throughout its 82 games. Right now, we’re at the halfway point of the season, and most teams have already gotten into their groove. With the 2018 All-Star game coming up in February, the push for the playoffs is heating up.

Last night, the Houston Rockets went against the Los Angeles Clippers in what was Chris Paul’s first game back in Los Angeles since his trade. Things got chippy from the very beginning when players from both sides began trash talking one another and also purposeful shoulder bumping.

Everyone’s favorite post-game crew even had some fun with the Clippers-Rockets beef.

To top it off, all of Twitter lost their minds when reports of player confrontation ensued, post-game in the Clippers locker room, and security was called. The best Woj-bomb of the year was born last night.




And that’s when Twitter did what it does best…

Blake Griffin doesn’t seem to know what’s going on…

Can the NBA playoffs start already?!

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