Alex Trebek Displays His Rapping Skills on Jeopardy

Alex Trebek Displays His Rapping Skills on Jeopardy

Started from the bottom now we’re here?

For over 30 years, Alex Trebek has been the man behind the Jeopardy! magic. A legend in the entertainment industry, Mr. Trebek has had to discuss a variety of topics on the popular game show, but this time around, things got a little more “hip.”

As part of the “College Championship” night of Jeopardy!, contestants had a topic titled “Let’s rap, Kids!” which required naming what artist rapped the lyrics presented. What topped the night off was having Mr. Trebek, a 76-year old man who probably has no idea who these rappers are, read the lyrics out loud as best as he possibly could. This left millennials and avid watchers laughing in Twitter tears.

It was a joy to see the gameshow be able to incorporate some pop culture into their program because it shows their efforts to connect to the demographic they might be missing. Maybe we’ll start seeing more of Alex rapping in future episodes.

@tole_cover on Twitter even took the time to put the music over his voice, and it’s PRICELESS.


Check out the highlights of the night in the video, and check out some reactions below.

Even the Dallas Cowboys got in on the jokes…


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