Apple to Add Podcasting Analytics

Apple to Add Podcasting Analytics

Apple had a lot to say at its annual World Wide Developer’s Conference this year. From new hardware to improved software across the board, this was a step in the right direction for those questioning Apple’s lack of innovations in the last few years.

One update that wasn’t given much attention was to the Podcasts app. Before, creators of shows never knew much more than how many people had downloaded individual episodes. With a new refresh coming to the app, Apple will  “provide basic analytics to podcast creators, giving them the ability to see when podcast listeners play individual episodes, and — crucially — what part of individual episodes they listen to, which parts they skip over, and when they bail out of an episode.” according to Peter Kafka from Recode.

This is a huge step that could potentially lift subscriber numbers and listening numbers up to new heights. New opportunities can bring in advertisers from all over the world.

What do you think of Apple’s minor help for content creators out there?

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