Apple Unveils New Clips App

Apple Unveils New Clips App

After a surprise update to its online store last week, Apple unveiled a few new products to its repertoire. Along with a Product(RED) iPhone and an updated iPad, the tech giant quietly mentioned a new app, Clips.

Apple is already known for making some of the best editing programs in the industry, such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro and GarageBand, so it’s not out of their realm. With this new app, Apple is looking to dominate the mobile-editing world. Clips aims to give you quick and easy access to multiple editing tools to make fun and interactive videos on the go. With iMovie, Apple tries to target bigger projects and heavier files, but the new Clips apps is aiming to take on smaller projects for social media use. From speech recognition to filter application, you’ll be making all of your social media followers hooked on your latest posts.

According to 9to5Mac, Clips is set to release for free in April. This just goes to show – with just a smartphone – you really have no limits on starting small and building yourself as well as your projects. The tech giant has always been known for inspiring creatives and innovators, so it’s awesome to see them continue the trend on a more mobile-friendly platform.

What do you think about this newest project from Apple? Let us know what you think and how you plan to use it yourself.

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