Beyoncé Enters the 8-Bit World

Beyoncé Enters the 8-Bit World

It’s a boring day when you don’t mention Beyoncé’s name.

Fresh off an incredible performance at the 59th Grammy awards, Queen B is back in the news, but this time it’s not about what she did but who she inspired.

After dropping a surprise album back in April of 2016, fans went crazy over the edginess of the Queen’s newest album and the incredible music videos that came along with it. With that, a team of game developers felt that they could take the “Hold Up” music video and turn it into something “classy and refined but badass and explosive just like Bey.”

Thanks to Joe Laquinte, Justin Au, Line Johnsen, and Colby Spear, you can channel your inner Queen B attitude. The web-based game is titled Lemonade Rage, similar to the albums name, Lemonade. 

It features an 8-bit version of Bey in a classic side scroller that is a replica of the actual video filmed for the song. In the game, the goal is to smash your way through obstacles to gain more lemons for, of course, more lemonade. From cars, to haters, and even fire hydrants, it’s up to you to make your lemonade.

You can do your best Beyoncé impersonation and smash your way to the top by checking the game out here.

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