Bob Costas Stepping Down from Olympic Duties

Bob Costas Stepping Down from Olympic Duties

The end of the road has come for legendary TV host and personality, Bob Costas. Today Mr. Costas announced that he would be stepping down from his duties as host of the Olympics. After 25 years, 11 Olympic Games and 27 Emmy awards, the time has come for Bob to pass the torch

Although we may not see the same NBC icon, another familiar face will be there to carry on the job. Mike Tirico, who previously worked at ESPN for 15 years, was hired on to work with NBCSports in mid-2016. Mike noted that Costas played a big role in his life, saying he was “someone I grew up idolizing” and added, “I went to Syracuse in large part for college because Bob did.”

It just goes to show that working hard can take you anywhere in life, and you never know if and when you’ll get to work alongside someone you recognize as an inspirational figure in your life.

Even though his Olympic hosting career is over, Costas’ work with NBC isn’t over. He will still remain working with the company in what was described as “multiple roles”. The legend won’t be done altogether, but his personality and impact on the Olympic’s, as well as the media industry, will truly be missed. #ThankYouBob

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