Chance the Rapper Utilizes Facebook Live to Surprise Fans

Chance the Rapper Utilizes Facebook Live to Surprise Fans

Recently, Chance the Rapper decided to use a popular new feature on Facebook in order to premiere a new music video.

What seemed to confuse fans the most was the fact that he said it wouldn’t be released until next week but he quickly back tracked. Within just six minutes of tweeting that, Chance said, “I changed my mind…” and gave the ETA of 3:30 PM CST.

The ability for artists to utilize free tools that are provided by social media platforms shows how much the world of entertainment has expanded. Artists can put out music and tweet out the link for us to listen to in just seconds, as opposed to going through a major label to get even the slightest bit of attention. Chance the Rapper is widely known for putting out his newest projects on Soundcloud for people to stream whenever and wherever.

Not only was it the music video to the song, Same Drugs, but it was also an extended version of it featuring John Legend and Eryn Allen Kane.

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Same Drugs video at

Posted by Chance The Rapper on Monday, 6 February 2017


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