#DeleteUber: How Uber Got Caught in the Middle of the World’s Tension

#DeleteUber: How Uber Got Caught in the Middle of the World’s Tension

Popular car-ride app, Uber, seems to have found itself in the middle of a controversy in the last day or so. The hashtag #DeleteUber became the trending hashtag across the United States after its users felt betrayed in a time of turmoil.

On the eve of President Trump’s ban of Muslim’s entering the United States, Uber made a decision to drop surge fees around JFK airport. People felt that Uber was trying to exploit the situation going on, as taxi drivers in the city were protesting. Although Uber did nothing to directly feed into the Muslim ban executive order, people began to point fingers at its CEO, Travis Kalanick, for his relationship with Donald Trump. As a result, users began to delete the app itself and use ride services, such as Lyft.

After the chaos that erupted online, Travis Kalanick took to Facebook to explain what was going on and how he and the company were working with government officials to ensure the safety of their drivers and users. Since this moment, Kalanick pledged $3 million dollars to help protect and serve their drivers if they were in need of help.


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