Donald Glover’s ‘Awaken, My Love!’ Album Cover Explained

Donald Glover’s ‘Awaken, My Love!’ Album Cover Explained

The last few years have seen some great projects released from our favorite artists. One of them being Donald Glover’s Awaken, My Love! With his last album Because The Internet releasing in 2013, fans were curious to see if he had more music up his sleeve since he was also working on the major hit TV series, Atlanta.

This past December, Gambino released his third major album and right off the bat, the LP cover caught people off guard. It featured a face making a unusual expression with an object surrounding its head. Nonetheless, the team over at Pigeons & Planes sat down with Laura Wass, the owner of the design company who created the headpiece donned on Donald Glover’s album.

How would you react to suddenly see something you create be featured on another artist’s work? Let us know down below about what you thought about the interview as well as your review of the album.

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