ESPN Debuts New Show, The Six

ESPN Debuts New Show, The Six

ESPN and SportsCenter have debuted their newest show, The Six. Known for their show, His and Hers on ESPN2, Jemele Hill and Michael Smith have taken on another endeavor in their careers as sports anchors and content creators.

Jumping from a sister channel to the primetime channel, the spotlight will be on them to attract a new audience to the evening hours of broadcast television. The combo of Jemele and Michael has gained a younger audience that enjoys how relatable they are. The way they blend pop culture and sports together with entertaining commentary is unique to the network. It shows where ESPN is trying to take their brand, by giving these two the opportunity to put their flare and personal touches on this media baby they have in their hands.

With the premiere of the show, they held a special interview with the savior of Super Bowl 51, James White. White wasn’t able to join them on set due to the fact that he and the Patriots were celebrating their victory at Disney World, but up-and-coming superstar, Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics, was in Bristol for the premiere of The Six.

This further shows how media can impact viewership. The loyalty of fans depends upon your ability to be as transparent as possible so they can feel that you’re just a regular sports fan like they are. It’ll be exciting to see how they can make the brand grow and leave their mark on it.

Congratulations to Jemele and Michael on this amazing opportunity!

The Six begins every weeknight at 6 P.M. eastern time on ESPN.

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