Founder of Wikipedia Attempts to Combat “Fake News” with Wikitribune

Founder of Wikipedia Attempts to Combat “Fake News” with Wikitribune

Within the last fews months, you’ve probably seen a lot on your televisions and social media feeds about “fake news.” Whether it be click bait, deceiving ads or anything wild you might read, it’s heavily around us.

To combat this, Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has decided to start up a new online newspaper called Wikitribune. A 100% ad-free site, Wales hopes to help attack these issues the media world faces today. Wikitribune looks to make its mark in the media driven world by becoming “a news platform that brings journalists and a community 
of volunteers together.”

The site is looking to hire just 10 journalists in total to begin, but it will also look to a community of fact checkers to help. According to the Verge, “Any member of the public will be able to suggest edits to a story, but changes will have to be approved by a staff member or trusted volunteer before going live.”

In his own words, “Wikitribune is news by the people and for the people,” said Wales.

Like we always say, content is king.

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