Ikea Bringing Virtual Furniture to Your Apple Devices

Ikea Bringing Virtual Furniture to Your Apple Devices

Virtual and augmented reality have been making huge waves in the tech scene. From Oculus to Playstation VR to the HTC Vive, this immersive technology is changing the way we interact with products, environments and each other, and it seems to be the future of entertainment and communication.

And thanks to Apple, it could also be the future of shopping.

At Apple’s WWDC, the tech giant revealed the integration of their new ARKit developmental tools for iOS 11, and companies like IKEA are already getting in on the content-creating action.

The popular furniture store now has big plans to work with Apple to integrate AR into its app.

The app will use the camera on your device to take a picture of the living space you’re looking to fill with furniture. Next, Ikea will have 3D images of their different furniture lines and users can position them throughout your home without even leaving your space. It will save time and the hassle of being unsatisfied with furniture after spending over hours to build it.

This could make a huge impact on the future of the retail industry. If customers will be able to “try on” items, especially big ones, without even leaving their homes, this could mean fewer stores and a bigger push for online shopping.

What do you think about this move for AR? Let us know below what you think down below!

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