Intel Lights Up Houston’s NRG Stadium for Lady Gaga

Intel Lights Up Houston’s NRG Stadium for Lady Gaga

Super Bowl 51 was the highlight of the weekend. Not only did the game end in dramatic fashion, but the halftime show proved to be futuristic.

Thanks to Intel, those watching the big game got to experience one of the first drone shows ever. The fleet was comprised of 300 drones that featured LED lights on them, as they danced through the skies of Houston. The drones were positioned to create things like the American flag, as well as the logos of Intel and Pepsi. They acted almost like a flock of birds migrating, and they also helped display the newest technology coming from a powerhouse company like Intel.

The technology – and fun – that drones provide are a cost-effective route for companies to take that can literally take them to new heights. From videos of a bird’s eye view, to B-roll of nature scenes, it’s a tool that captivates audiences. To see them displayed as a “team” that can be controlled in unison to create beautiful entertainment, shows how they have evolved and what they can be used for. This night further proves that drones aren’t just some toy helicopters to play with, but they’re also a tool to help people tell a story and to capture scenes much more easily.

Here’s what Intel was able to show us from the night.

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