Kal Penn Turned a Troll Tweet into a Donation Machine

Kal Penn Turned a Troll Tweet into a Donation Machine

We’re almost two weeks into the presidency of Donald Trump, and there is already a major controversy coming out of the White House. Over the weekend, President Trump issued an executive order that denied entry into the United States to those traveling from seven countries that are considered majority Muslim. People all over the country and the world spoke out on social media and in the streets to make their voices be heard.

One well-known actor and former civil servant, Kal Penn, took to Twitter to respond to a derogatory comment. But instead of responding directly to the Twitter user, Penn took the high road and started a fundraiser to benefit Syrian refugees in need of help. What has happened after he posted the link has became a life changer.

After a little over 24 hours, Kal Penn and those who have donated have raised over $450,000, and the support continues to roll in. The great thing about social media, such as Twitter, is that tweets can spread like a wildfire, and this one did just that. It just goes to show that actors can use their creative platforms to bring people together for a good cause and to show solidarity as well support in times of chaos.

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