Kobe Bryant Enters the Content Creating Space with “Canvas City”

Kobe Bryant Enters the Content Creating Space with “Canvas City”

20 years worth of legendary plays.

With five NBA championships and countless other accolades, Kobe Bryant cemented his name in the history books of basketball as one of the greatest players ever. Immediately after dropping 60 points on the night of his final game, everyone wondered what the life of Kobe might be like after basketball.

On Sunday, The Black Mamba showed off his newest project, Canvas City: Musecage, which is the second addition to his series, Canvas. A venture that not many would’ve imagined, Kobe has apparently always been interested in creating content. With Canvas, Kobe serves as director, creator and writer.

Canvas City: Musecage helps others better their best by delivering complex basketball insights in a light-hearted, easy-to-digest way,” said Kobe Bryant. “The show helps others understand the game at a higher level and offers a new voice to sports storytelling that will hopefully captivate the whole family.”

We may not know about what athletes or other prominent figures do on their off time, but it’s cool to see someone like Kobe show so much passion for creating.

What do you think about Musecage Kobe’s hopes for the show? Let us know down below!

Sources: ESPN Media Zone

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