LeBron Had the Internet Rolling Last Week

LeBron Had the Internet Rolling Last Week

After a disappointing end to another historic NBA Finals performance, LeBron James is still finding himself in the headlines on social media.

You would think the King would give himself some time off to get his mind off the ending of the 2017 Finals, but that’s not what royalty does. King James found himself back in the gym putting in some postseason work to improve his game even more. Giving his followers a glimpse into what he’d been up to, James posted a video to his Instagram of hyping himself up while listening to Tee Grizzley’s First Day Out.

Tee Grizzley himself got this trend started with a simple tweet. As usual, the internet did its thing and decided to put its own twist on the rendition of Lebron’s video.

Thus, the #LeBronJamesChallenge was born…



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