One Man’s Quest to Get Free Wendy’s Nuggets for a Year

One Man’s Quest to Get Free Wendy’s Nuggets for a Year

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to get your favorite food for an entire year for free? Thanks to twitter, one lucky man might get the chance to achieve this goal.

Carter Wilkerson took to twitter to make a bold move with fast food restaurant, Wendy’s. In an effort to score free chicken nuggets for an entire year, Wendy’s has asked that he achieve 18 million retweets. Within just three days, Carter has already gained 1.6 million retweets on his post.

It has recently become a common trend for different companies to utilize their social media accounts to interact with followers whether it be for customer service assistance or just good fun. Not only does this give a fan a (crazy) chance of winning a huge prize, but it also helps to build the Wendy’s brand even more by becoming a likable social media presence.

What would you do for free chicken nuggets? Let us know about your experience with corporate social media accounts down below!



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