One Photographer is Shedding Light on a Global Crisis

One Photographer is Shedding Light on a Global Crisis

For years we’ve been hearing about climate change and how human behavior has a direct correlation with harsh weather patterns throughout the world. Documentaries and TV specials come out almost every year depicting the tragic reality that we’re living through. But one photographer is taking things into her own hands to show off her view of what’s going on.

Photographer Diane Tuft is using her skills for a greater good by introducing a new book, The Arctic Melt. Tuft’s aim is to highlight the drastic increase in temperature in the Arctic and regions around it. By taking helicopter rides over areas that aren’t easily accessible by foot, she’s uncovering new terrain not seen by many.

It’s a noble act by an experienced photographer, as she is hoping to help show the world what’s going on. Tuft told CNN, “The Arctic is melting very rapidly; I wanted to capture it before it’s too late.”

This is what we call a true Queen of Content. Check out more on Diane Tuft’s adventures here, and let us know what you think about travels down below.

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