SNL Announces First Ever Nationally Live Broadcast

SNL Announces First Ever Nationally Live Broadcast

After being on air for 42 years, you’re probably going to have to change some things up to stay relevant. Earlier this month, NBC announced that for the first time ever Saturday Night Live would be going live across the country.

It’s a great idea to introduce a new twist to the program, as it could be a surprise for many. Now families and friends can interact with one another as it’s happening without worrying about spoilers. Like many brands and companies, sometimes the best practice is stepping out of the comfort zone. Although it’s only scheduled to run for a little over one month, who knows what this might mean for the future of live television?

Set to begin on April 15th, SNL’s first nationally live broadcast will be hosted by none other than Jimmy Fallon.

Are you excited for SNL’s live broadcast to the nation? Let us know what you think down below.

Source: CNN


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