Steve Harvey Cleans It Up in Second Act of Miss Universe

Steve Harvey Cleans It Up in Second Act of Miss Universe

Live television is like being in a big container where everyone and anyone can see what you’re doing or saying right as you say it. There always seems to be another video on YouTube of someone slipping up on camera and not knowing what to do.

One of the biggest Internet memes of 2016 revolved around the mistake made by Steve Harvey at the Miss Universe pageant. As Steve was announcing the 2nd runner up, he mistakingly presented it as the winner of the pageant. But, it was brought to his attention that he made a mistake and the actual winner was Miss Philippines. The world watching was in complete shock that he would make such a mistake, and that’s when the Internet memes began rolling in.

Fast forward to 2017, where Steve Harvey is once again hosting Miss Universe. Luckily, things turned out correctly this time around. Harvey was even able to poke fun at himself by having Pia Wurtzbach, winner of the 2016 Miss Universe, hand him some oversized glasses.

Was Steve able to redeem himself? Check out how it played out down below.

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