Tweet for Chicken Nuggets Becomes the Most Retweeted in Twitter History

Tweet for Chicken Nuggets Becomes the Most Retweeted in Twitter History

Remember that guy that had a bet with Wendy’s to get free chicken nuggets for a year? Well, it looks like he made it…sort of.

Carter Wilkerson embarked on a major journey back in April when he approached Wendy’s Twitter account to see what it would take to get some nuggets. Just a month later, he’s broken a major record. The spot that once belonged to Ellen DeGeneres has now officially been taken over by a young man from Reno, Nevada. With over 3.45 million retweets, Carter Wilkerson is now the king of Twitter retweets.

The once all-time famous selfie was captured on the night that Ellen was hosting the Oscar’s where she was surrounded by some of Hollywood’s most elite thespians.

What’s most notable about this accomplishment has been the amazing charity that has since come with it. Wendy’s gave notice that, along with his free year of nuggets, they would be donating $100,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Along with that, Carter himself has set up his own donation by selling t-shirts, like the one he has on in the photo below, to raise funds for the DTFA, as well as a local foundation, Pinocchio’s Moms on the Run

From CEO’s to Fortune 500 companies, users everywhere contributed to this historic milestone.



Twitter took notice of his tweet and congratulated Carter.

Shoutout to you, Mr. Carter Wilkerson, for taking this tweet and turning it into something inspiring! #NuggsForCarter

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