YouTube Announces Over One Billion Hours of View Every Single Day

YouTube Announces Over One Billion Hours of View Every Single Day

Remember the music video to the song, “Shoes?” That video is now 10 years old and is currently sitting at around 60 million views. Along with a thousands of other viral videos on the Internet, YouTube has become home to video content creators from all around the world.

On Monday, YouTube announced that it hit a huge milestone: people around the world were watching  1 BILLION hours of video every day.

From the start of “vlogs,” to DIY’s – music videos and many other genres of video – YouTube opened the gateway for creators around the world to put their own ideas out for the last 12 years. It’s crazy to think that just about anyone nowadays can easily upload content to their own account for anyone to watch with just a few easy steps. We’ve seen “regular people” like Shaycarl start out by making daily videos of his life to then helping create a media company, Maker StudiosSomeone like Timothy DeLaGhetto, who simply started by putting up skits with his friends, has stuck around for 10 years and has now had roles in movies and is part of MTV’s Wild’n Out.

The popular video hosting site, owned by Alphabet Inc., has grown into one of the most popular sites on the internet and continues to grow each and every day. From educational purposes to entertainment and everything in between, it has grown into one of the best social media outlets EVER.

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