ESPN Streaming Service Launching Spring 2018

New updates will be coming to your ESPN app this spring. On Monday, ESPN CEO Bob Iger announced ESPN Plus will be available for $4.99/month. According to TechCrunch, this new update will lead the redesign of the ESPN app in three parts – scores and news, live streaming via cable authentication, and ESPN Plus. With ESPN […]


ESPN Announces Departure of Reporter John Clayton

There’s good reporting and then there’s great reporting. The infamous John Clayton was amongst the greatest to ever work in his field. According to Sporting News, John Clayton has joined the group of individuals that have been laid off from ESPN. A career that spanned 23 years, Clayton was widely known for his role with NFL Insider […]


Scott Van Pelt Comes to the Rescue for his Alma Mater’s Sports Radio Station

Thanks to the Internet, connecting with people has never been easier; we’ve seen people make their case for free nuggets and even OBTAIN culinary advice from world famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay. One student at the University of Maryland took to twitter to ask a fellow alumnus, Scott Van Pelt, for a favor. @notthefakeSVP Hi Scott, today […]


Sage Steele Being Replaced on ESPN’s NBA Countdown

Sage Steele of ESPN has seen her last days on NBA Countdown. On Wednesday, Steele worked her last night of hosting the pre-game show, as the company announced that sports reporter Michelle Beadle would be taking over. The news comes as ESPN also announced new guidelines regarding the recent presidential election. With regards to political […]

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Dan Dakich and Frank Kaminsky Cook Up Lenghty, Intriguing Twitter Beef

We’ve all been there before. You see something on your timeline and it rubs you the wrong way, so you respond. But at some point you have to step away from your phone and realize what you’re getting yourself into. Dan Dakich of ESPN found himself on the hot seat once again for ticking someone off […]

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