Evan Blass Unveils the Samsung Galaxy S8 via Twitter

Evan Blass Unveils the Samsung Galaxy S8 via Twitter

2016 was a difficult year from Samsung.

The South Korean electronics manufacturer took a big blow to their reputation – and sales – after their flagship phone was blowing up in peoples’ pockets. With many users questioning their trust with the company, they decided to completely cut the S7 line.

Android users have patiently waited to see how they would come back from this mishap and thanks to twitter, the world can now get a glimpse of what the phone looks like. Evan Blass took to twitter to leak an image of the long awaited Galaxy S8 from Samsung.

As his handle suggest, Mr. Blass has a way with “leaking” information on some of the newest tech.

Does leaking images and details about future tech releases spoil the surprise for you or does it help you decide whether you want to wait on the product? Let us know down below, and tell us what you think about the images of the S8!


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