Miami Heat Partners with esports’ Misfits

Miami Heat Partners with esports’ Misfits

esports have become a major entertainment business within the last few years, and it’s taking another step to start the new year.

Recently, the Miami Heat announced that they had made a partnership with a popular ESports team, Misfits. To make things official, the Misfits group incorporated the team colors of the Miami Heat organization to be synonymous with their brand.

esports has been a growing industry within the last few years, and it has been a huge hit for gamers. Players from around the world can showcase their skills in their respective video game of choice. With genres ranging from sports, role-playing games, MMOs and more, players can play each other while being on the other side of the world to see who the real MVP is.

“The Miami Heat pride ourselves on being innovative in all aspects of sports and business,” Heat chief executive officer Nick Arison said in a news release to ESPN. “For us, it made perfect sense to partner with Misfits, a young and ambitious franchise in a sport that is blazing a trail in terms of 21st century recreational competition amongst Millennials.”

The investment helps open the exposure of the individuals on the team and helps to give them some recognition. As a championship organization, the global fan base can grow even further and make more connections between the niche of traditional sports fan to ESports fans. Even players such as Josh Richardson, point guard for the Miami Heat, is an avid gamer. Fans of his watch him on his Snapchat or straight from his Instagram Live streams playing games such as FIFA and NBA 2K. With players like Josh being heavy gamers, it gives fans the opportunity to see another side of their favorite players and have something to relate with if they ever find themselves somewhere in the virtual gaming world.

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