Why Smartify is the Coolest App in a Long Time

Why Smartify is the Coolest App in a Long Time

Have you ever been walking through a museum and been intrigued at what you’re looking at but can’t get enough information out of the 3 x 5 index card? Those days are now in the past.

A new app slated to release in May, Smartify, is aiming to become the Shazam of artwork. With this new tool, you’ll be able to utilize the camera already on your smartphone – and with augmented reality technology – you can point your camera at a painting and let Smartify take care of the rest. As their website claims, this will become your “personal digital art curator.”

For those who don’t really enjoy the traditional pre-planned tour of museum exhibits (or that monotone tour guide), this is an amazing opportunity to take the reigns of your own trip. The app also allows you to save a digital copy, acting like a bookmark.

According to New Scientist, there will be four exhibits working with the app (one being the Louvre in Paris) that will have select artwork available to scan, while the Wallace Collection in London will have all of the artwork available to its visitors.

In a world with people stuck to their devices, this could be a beneficial experience, perhaps, for educational institutions taking students to exhibits. It’ll be much more intuitive and interactive since visitors will be able to scan and save the work they observed.

What do you think about apps like this? Do you think they benefit users? Check out more information on the Smartify app at their website as well. Link down below.


Source: NewScientistSmartify

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