Take Flight with Honey Bees in This VR Adventure

Take Flight with Honey Bees in This VR Adventure

It’s hard to connect the dots in life sometimes when trying to figure out how one situation can affect not only you, but society altogether. How serious of an issue is the declining population of the honey bee?

One well-known ice cream brand, Häagen-Dazs, has taken an initiative to help bring awareness to a serious dilemma that will have an impact on every person in the world, especially those within the agriculture industry. Currently on their website, they begin explaining that honey bees “pollinate one-third of the foods we eat,” and the rapid decline of their population has harsh affects on the availability of the  ingredients used to make their famous products. In order to make things a little bit more captivating, they’re using VR to tell the story of the importance of the honey bee and its journeys.

As the virtual reality industry continues to find ways to hit the mainstream markets for more affordable platforms, we’re seeing many different companies from different fields utilizing this tool in order to draw people in to give them a first-person thrill ride that’s fun but can keep your attention.

Coming in June of 2017, Häagen-Dazs hopes that this VR story can spark a serious movement to saving the honey bee population from extinction.


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