Andy Rubin Teases New Smartphone Via Twitter

Andy Rubin Teases New Smartphone Via Twitter

The debate between iOS and Android has been going on for a good 10 years now. As more and more updates come out to devices, the battle to determine what operating system is best grows. But we may be getting a third candidate in this discussion.

Yesterday, the co-founder of the Android operating system, Andy Rubin, took to Twitter to give a sneak peek at his latest project. Since previously working at Google, Rubin began a new company called Essential. According to The Verge, Andy Rubin announced plans that his new company was planning to develop a smartphone “that lacks a surrounding bezel.”

Could this be a sign of competition for companies like Apple or Samsung? Having the creator of a mobile OS could show a different world to smartphone users. Customers who are looking for something new may have somewhere to turn to now. We didn’t get much detail on the phone, but the nearly bezel-less phone in hand might be enough to entice people.

Would you give this new phone a chance? After all, it’s coming straight from the guy who played a major part in developing Android. Let us know down below what you think Apple or Android can do to improve their operating systems.

Source: Apple iPhone Could See Major Changes in 2017

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