Instagram Launches Archive Feature Rolling Out To Everyone

Instagram Launches Archive Feature Rolling Out To Everyone

Do you ever go through your own Instagram feed and think back on some of your very first posts? Maybe you had something embarrassing pictures from high school or a crazy #TBT you probably should’ve just kept in a private group message.

Well, a new Instagram archive feature has gone live today to save you from showing those old pictures.

Announced just a month ago, Archives will allow users to keep posts from the public and keep them populated under a special tab on their profiles on for them to see. Also, if users wish to take a social media break, they can add photos to their archive and publish them when they’ve returned from hiatus, just like they never left.

This also means businesses and brands will be able to curate only their proudest moments on the social platform, without erasing any valuable data such as comments and likes. And, Archives can also be useful for planning upcoming posts within a team, instead of direct-messaging your accounts.

The new update is available across all Instagram accounts today.

Source: TechCrunch

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