New Instagram Update Enhances Storytelling Abilities

New Instagram Update Enhances Storytelling Abilities

It seems like just about every other week social media companies are releasing a new update to try to take the throne as “Top Social Media App.” Not only is this great for users, but in general it keeps the creative world going.

As of this morning, Instagram introduced an update to its traditional image posting by adding what Engadget calls a “Carousel-style” presentation. When uploading something new to your Instagram, you now have an option to add up to 10 photos, boomerangs or even videos. An example of using it would be having a birthday party and using it as a slideshow of everything that went down.

It’s almost a way to avoid cluttering anyones feed so much and instead keep them all combined under a single post. You’ll be able to control the order of the presentation as well to create a better storytelling experience for your friends and followers.

Do you think this new feature is something that will improve user experience? Let us know below!

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