Sage Steele Being Replaced on ESPN’s NBA Countdown

Sage Steele Being Replaced on ESPN’s NBA Countdown

Sage Steele of ESPN has seen her last days on NBA Countdown. On Wednesday, Steele worked her last night of hosting the pre-game show, as the company announced that sports reporter Michelle Beadle would be taking over.

The news comes as ESPN also announced new guidelines regarding the recent presidential election. With regards to political discussions, ESPN would like to make sure they’re “connecting those comments to sports whenever possible,” wrote ESPN Public Editor, Jim Brady in an article detailing the network’s new guidelines.

Steele was in the hot seat back in January 2017 after posting a controversial picture on Instagram about issues regarding immigrants and the travel ban.

Has the recent backlash that Sage Steele received influenced her position with ESPN? ESPN spokesperson Ben Cafardo told USA Today that she “will be focused on her SportsCenter on the Road duties and is “in the midst of several high-profile assignments such as The Masters, the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals on ABC.”

Should Sage Steele be held accountable for her recent takes on the political climate and controversies since she is representing ESPN? Is she in her own right as a citizen just like everyone else? Let us know what you think down below.

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