Snap Inc. Becomes Public; Now Valued at $25 Billion

Snap Inc. Becomes Public; Now Valued at $25 Billion

It seems that Snap Inc. (aka Snapchat) can’t keep itself of out the news, and that’s a good thing. Yesterday, the company had announced its plans to become a publicly traded company through an IPO.

When a company files for an IPO, it helps them establish more capital and take in investments from anyone willing to purchase their stock. According to the Wall Street Journal, Snap Inc. is valued at a number upwards of $25 BILLION. Just three years ago, Marc Zuckerburg and Facebook attempted to buy the company for just $3 billion, which probably seems like chump change to those over at Snapchat now.

To see how far the popular app has come is a testament to what hard work and constant trial and error can help you achieve. They’re a flexible brand that isn’t afraid to try out new things, and it’s paying off.

Will you invest in Snap Inc.? Tell us what you think about this move.

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