Tyler, the Creator Creates New Theme Song for Bill Nye’s New Show

Tyler, the Creator Creates New Theme Song for Bill Nye’s New Show

Pretty much all 90s kids grew up watching Bill Nye The Science Guy on television or in classrooms, right?

The science guy is now back, and he has gotten some help from the wildly funny rapper, Tyler, the Creator, to help him come up with an updated theme song. With a nod to that infamous, “Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!” chant and a twist that only Tyler can put on a song, there’s no doubt that this show is going to get you as hyped as you were when you were a kid.

One trailer for the show gives off the impression that it will be incorporating more material that can pull in older people with topics ranging from sex, global warming and even alternative medicines. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s received throughout different age groups.


In his interview with Bill, Tyler says that the original show “got kids to not hate science class,” showing that it really did make an impact on younger people. Throwing in a current popular artist with a 90s favorite might lead to another big hit!

Bill Nye Saves the World will be released through Netflix on April 21st for your binging pleasure.

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