Michigan State’s Tom Izzo Calls Out ESPN Writer Dan Dakich – VIDEO

Michigan State’s Tom Izzo Calls Out ESPN Writer Dan Dakich – VIDEO

Everyone knows that once you put something out into the Internet, it’s really hard to avoid it being noticed.

One such incident occurred at Michigan State University, Tuesday night, after the Spartans took down the Ohio State Buckeyes. During the post-game interview, Coach Tom Izzo suddenly changed his direction from the game to social media and began discussing the chant going around the arena at the aforementioned game amongst fans yelling, “We hate Dakich” which referred to ESPN’s Dan Dakich.

Over the last few weeks, Dan Dakich was seen tweeting out criticism about MSU and their players. One tweet read, “Sparty not only whines but now just dumb!! Couldn’t get into UM?”

Izzo commented by saying, “I’m surprised ESPN would let somebody say something like that that works for them.” During the interview, Coach Izzo also mentioned that he wanted an apology to the fans and his players for his insults towards the program by Dakich

Should ESPN take action against Dan Dakich or is he in his own rights to say what he said? Let us know what you think.

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