Pinterest Adds Exciting Tools to its Repertoire

Pinterest Adds Exciting Tools to its Repertoire

This is exciting news for you Pinners out there.

Pinterest has unveiled some cool new features to get people interacting with the world around them even more. What will be known as “visual discovery” uses the camera on your smartphone to add another element of creativity and unique experience to the app’s users. Within it will be tools they’re calling Lens, Shop, The Look and Instant Ideas. The proposed method is to be able to point your camera at an object and have different results come up.

“Everything on Pinterest is visual,”said Ben Silbermann, the CEO of Pinterest.

Companies are trying to utilize every aspect of smartphone technology to gain an advantage in the marketplace. A company that is already estimated to be worth more than $11 billion investing in an Augmented Reality technology shows where the next step in shopping and crafting is headed. Will they be able to continue growing their users with this new incorporation to their app? Check it out on Wednesday, February 15h, as they will begin rolling out part of their newest project.


Source: Forbes

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